As the stigma slowly melts away, cannabis remains federally illegal. Insurance companies fearful of repercussions are not covering medical cannabis. Doctors in these insurance networks are refusing to recommend this medicine for fear of being shut out of the network.

“Health care costs, for many, are challenging enough and are driven through the roof when the full responsibility is placed on the patient.” -Wendy Love Edge, Founder of Bulldozer Health

This leads to immense anxiety for many patients who may already be suffering debilitating conditions, which leave them unable to work. Without gainful employment, many are not able to cover these exorbitant fees. For patients in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island there is helping hand- Bulldozer Health.

Bulldozer Health wants you to “Take Back Your Health”. Their website is packed with information to help you learn ALL of your health care options, including tips on healthy eating, fun fitness ideas, and TONS information. They also have a huge Alternative Health Provider Network to connect you with a compassionate doctor ready to help find the best treatment for what ails you.

Free Medical Cannabis Evaluation in Arkansas

In Arkansas, Bulldozer Health has partnered with Dr. Tammy Post of Better Living RX to offer free patient consultations to low-income patients making less than $18,000 annually. These evaluations will be available to patients meeting low-income requirements with a qualifying condition in both Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

Bulldozer Health also boasts a program that offers patients a $50 waiver for the medical cannabis card from the Arkansas Department of Health. This program gives top priority to terminal cancer patients. Patients can apply for the $50 fee to be paid by Bulldozer Health from funds raised in Arkansas at “Take Back Your Health America” benefit concerts and health fairs.

Email for more information on these programs.

In addition to the cannabis legalization waivers, provider network, and healthy living plans you can find on their website, Bulldozer Health also has fantastic YouTube Channel. There you will find hundreds of educational videos ranging from tips to cope with anxiety to regenerative medicine to going vegan. The host of the Bulldozer Health Show is the founder, Wendy Love Edge.

Wendy’s background is in occupational therapy. Wendy is also an active volunteer, serving as a volunteer health worker in Guatemala and Nicaragua. In 2011 she became gravely ill and was told she needed to get her affairs in order. Wendy took matters into her own hands and was able to break free of the chains of pharmaceuticals in late 2013. Since then Wendy has made it her mission to help others from being “bulldozed” by overmedication.

Bulldozer Health is a non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible and may be made here. If you’d like to get involved, you can become a volunteer by applying here. You can become a Bulldozer Health Show patron for as little as $1 per month.