Producer: Simple Cure
Extraction Method: CO2
Cultivar: Lemon Jeffrey
Cultivator: Unknown
Available at: Strange Leaf Dispensary
Packaging: Blister Pack

I was fairly skeptical going into this review as I’m pretty critical of preloaded vape cartridges, especially cartridges with oils extracted using CO2.

Right from the start, I was impressed as the terpene (flavor) profile was smooth with just a hint of lemon citrus.

The second thing I noticed was that I wasn’t having to take 6, 8, or even 10 pulls from my vape to feel the effects. Even as the cartridge got towards the bottom it still had that fresh flavor and didn’t have that burnt taste from the coil.

Overall, the Lemon Jeffrey cultivar was great, it helped to ease my social anxiety for an evening out with friends. My only complaint was that it was a .5 gram cartridge and it had to be pried out of my hands for lab testing to see the terpene profile.

Sparky Rating 7.9