For ten years, I was broken. Chronic back and pelvic pain kept me dependent on opioids. The only western medicine answer was to keep taking them for the rest of my life. I had no idea how dull, lifeless, and devoid life had become. I often questioned why I was alive. Life just didn’t seem worth living. Then, I discovered medical cannabis. My journey with medical cannabis was rocky, full of trial and error, yet ultimately transformed pain and misery into a passion for educating other medical cannabis patients and industry professionals.

Two years ago my soul spoke to me, “it’s time to free yourself” from opioids and I had no idea how. Fortunately, CBD oil was gaining popularity as a tool to treat many conditions, including opioid withdrawal. I took the leap of faith and began the uncomfortable weaning off period. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Thrilled to be off opioids, CBD alone did not effectively manage my pain and I turned to THC-based products.

Navigating THC safely and comfortably was no easy task. I had many uncomfortable experiences experimenting with cultivars, terpenes, consumption methods, and dosing. Nothing was straightforward and I set out to fill my knowledge gap with every bit of information I could find; studies, research, training, certifications, conferences, etc. You name it, I studied it and eventually developed my own medical cannabis therapy plan.

I took my life back and found passion and purpose. Friends and family started coming to me for help developing their own customized medical cannabis regiments and I realized I had a knack for advising and teaching others. With the passage of Oklahoma SQ 788 and at a professional crossroads, I took another leap of faith. I created, Medical Marijuana Education for Healthy Living. I now serve patients and industry professionals in a way I couldn’t serve myself two years ago, through straightforward education that creates relief and revitalization.
Today, I am a trusted advisor that crafts hands-on, unlimited support, 8-week medical cannabis therapy programs that target patient-specific cannabinoid/terpene profiles, consumption methods, production suggestions, dosing schedules, and symptom management tracking. To the patient-focused medical cannabis dispensary or medical professional, I teach CME-accredited certifications that create expertise, empowerment, and loyalty inpatient engagements.

Medical cannabis therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Effective relief takes education, planning, commitment, and time. Find your path and find your freedom today!

About The Author

Tiffany Stuhr is a patient – turned medical cannabis educator and patient advisor at, Medical Marijuana Education for Healthy Living. For patients suffering from pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. She creates relief and revitalization through safe and customized medical cannabis therapy planning. Tiffany has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and holds a medical marijuana teaching certification for Train-the-Trainer Cannacian™ Level One.