Right now in Oklahoma …there is an energy in the air, a collective uplifting in mind, body, and spirit. It multiplies as we share our hopes, ideas and make connections of support. This energy feeds the hope of healing on a personal, community and state level, even before product is on the shelves. We have hope in the willingness of our leaders to respect our voted intentions and that we are finally acknowledged and justified in our choices and not seen as acting from criminal intent. The hopes of kinder personalized medicine and flourishing families and communities are self-fulfilling. The noble healing has begun, in the validation of a patient’s feelings of worth and autonomy, in thoughts of personal freedoms to pursue health and happiness.

Cannabis social media sites still stand strong, visited frequently they connect the many patient and business hopefuls. The canna educators, organizations and canna nursing associations are answering the call, as state agencies are now asking for cannabis-based medicine information. The press is positive, ideas are flying, seeds are planted, storefronts are opening statewide, the city governments are relenting one by one, we are learning about dirt and terpenes, we have supportive trade associations and in a true healing spirit, the charitable outreach is heartwarming.

Oklahoma has much to be proud of as other states struggle with feelings of frustration and diminished worth, not being respected in ill health nor in legislation. 788 is a powerful tool to personal medical empowerment for every Oklahoman, 788 supports this flow of energy as whole families heal when a loved one heals, our new voters have seen the power of a vote, and some no longer fear cancers or overdoses. 788 will coincidentally allow for renewal of Oklahoma’s current reputation by having an inspired and history-making MMJ program, the revenue that will be collected without incentive or tax break will help heal broken systems, repairing school funding, mental health services, and changing the rules of imprisonment. We are feeling a healing relief from judgment.

In closing and as this is written, Red Dirt Cannabis Nurses Association would like to share our energy and hopes as a growing organization. We hope for and welcome recommending physicians to help RDCNA reach every patient. We are excited and hopeful, awaiting the ‘OK’ on the perfect location/building to headquarter RDCNAs outreach efforts. We are hopeful that OK nurses will learn renewed professional empowerment as a result of our presenting, “Nursing and Cannabis Based Medicine”, to the Oklahoma Nurses Association convention Oct. 25th in Tulsa!!! We hope for continued positive change, may we all give and receive in success and in humble and healing compassion.