Cultivar: Classic Skunk
Taste like: Pepper, Spicy, Earthy
Cultivator: Owasso Organics
Available at: Strange Leaf Dispensary

Not a very strong flavor profile for me, but it is a very effective low key morning medication. Allows you to remain focused, not too euphoric, so very clear headed. Really wished for more of the skunk flavonoids as this phenotype is leaning more towards the Afghani heritage of the cultivars parents before the Skunk #1 hybrid was created.

Also was interesting that I encountered 5 seeds in such a small sample size. This could have been due to a multitude of factors. Was a hermaphrodite missed in the garden because it couldn’t be seen? Was there a light leak in that area stressing the plant or was the plant stressed too much period? Genetics do very funny things with different growers.

Sparky Rating ~ 6.9/10