Cultivar: Blue Widow
Taste like: Sweet candy
Bud Structure: Large hard buds
Scent: Slightly sour with heavy pine smell after grinding
Cultivator: New Leaf Medicinals
Available at: New Leaf Medicinals

Just a short drive down the turnpike from Oklahoma City, located in Chickasha, is the family owned and operated vertically integrated company, New Leaf Medicinals.

Meet Blue Widow, not a strain known for having high THC levels. Right off the bat, I was impressed with this cultivar. Large, hard buds that were a light olive green color exploding with red hairs. For me, it had a faint sour smell until ground, then my nose was filled with a heavy pine scent. Surprisingly it was a sweet full bodied smoke that hit me right in the forehead. Be careful, too much of this gem and you will be sleeping like a baby.

Sparky Rating 7.8