When we discover tools that help patients. We want to let you know about it. We recently caught up with Releaf, a free-to-use mobile app that allows patients to track, learn from, and improve their use of cannabis as a medicine.

Franco Brockelman (Releaf’s CEO) and his partners, developed Releaf App so he could track and help guide his mother through her first experience with medical cannabis from several states away.

Since 2015 Releaf App has helped tens of thousands of patients #seekreleaf through cannabis while providing medical professionals, dispensary staff, and researchers around the world with reports on the effectiveness of cannabis for specific symptom relief. Whether you are new to medical cannabis, or you have been medicating for years, Releaf App’s intelligent reporting and analytics will keep track of all the products you’ve tried. Likewise, it will provide you with insights on what products and administration forms you reported as most effective for specific symptom relief, and common feelings and side effects you experienced. No longer do you need to go down the “trial by error” process blind. Releaf App will help you quickly navigate and improve your future treatments and conversations with your doctor or dispensary staff.

All sessions in the app can be reported anonymously, and Releaf does not share any patient identification information with any partners or clients. “Our mission is to use the outcome data we collect to advance research, education, and awareness on the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine,” says Tyler Dautrich, COO of Releaf App. “To date, we are working with researchers from the University of New Mexico, University of Florida, University of the Sciences, University of Pittsburgh Medical College, and Western Sydney University to increase the amount of medical literature available on cannabis as a medicine. You can read our published research studies in Medicines Journal, Frontiers of Pharmacology, and Scientific Reports. We are excited to continue our work with Select Healthcare, Oklahomans for Health, and others in Oklahoma to help patients in this new market find the relief they deserve.”

There is a growing patient community currently using the Releaf App according to Shelley Free, Executive Director at Oklahomans for Health, “I believe the core of self-healing is education. Using the Releaf App, patients can anonymously log & monitor their medication habits and learn what works best for them,” says Free. The data collected also helps other patients searching for similar products as well, Free continued, “Additionally, the Releaf App is available for retail use, allowing in-store patient reviews of in-stock products. Oklahomans for Health is a nonprofit partner with Releaf App because we believe that data can change cannabis medicine. 788 was just the beginning.”

About The Author

Tony Darrick Baker is the owner of Xeal Publishing LLC, a digital marketing agency specializing in Medical Cannabis marketing and publicity. Baker is a public speaker, consultant, and co-founder of Illegally Healed, a Cannabis patient advocacy group with over 400,000 followers on Facebook.