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Meet The Oklahoma Cannabis Industry

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The following companies have been verified to be producing or cultivating in Oklahoma and provide full lab results to the public. This information is provided for informational purposes only.


New Leaf Medicinals
(405) 825-3419

  • Oklahoma grown cannabis and clones with statewide delivery.
  • Full lab test verified.
  • Oklahoma grown verified.

Vapor Cartridges

Simple Cure
(405) 601-6867

  • Oklahoma produced, CO2 extracted vapor cartridges.
  • Oklahoma produced verified.
  • Facilities tours available.
  • OKC and Tulsa delivery.
  • Lab tests verified.


Mr. Mack’s Snacks

  • Oklahoma produced confections.
  • Oklahoma produced verified. Lab test verified.

Key to Nature’s Blessings
(405) 603-8200

  • Oklahoma produced confections and hard candies.
  • Oklahoma produced verified.
  • Full lab test verified.
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