CBD & Your Pet

The cannabidiol (CBD) market in Oklahoma is impressive and changing every day. CBD has been around long enough for many of the holdouts to realize this is real medicine. At this point, many know someone benefiting from this compound.

Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating, meaning it will not get you high. So, it’s appealing to a large array of people and also a safe choice to give to our furry friends!

All mammals come equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Which means mammals may benefit from the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. I’m not saying you should not send Fido on a magic trip to outer space, but I am advocating the daily administration of cannabidiol to our four-legged friends.

My darling chihuahua, Sheldon Bean, came into my life several years ago in when a family friend’s busy schedule no longer allowed enough time for his care. He’s around nine years old and until a little over one year ago he was getting around like an old dog. He was sluggish, his eyes were cloudy and grey, and he was unable to get himself around very easily.

One day in June we went for a rather long walk around the lake. The following day Bean was catatonic. I had been giving myself a daily regimen of CBD isolate in MCT oil and was enjoying the benefits. I decided to give Bean two drops on the palm of my hand, he was immediately interested and licked the oil off of my palm.

From then on, he was hooked. Now when anyone mentions “CBD” he gets very excited. He’ll jump around and carry on until he gets a dose. Overall his mood has definitely improved. For the first few years, Bean was not exactly a social butterfly. Now he enjoys traveling around Oklahoma and meeting new friends.

Bean is also now much sprier! He loves taking long walks. His eyes have even cleared. He looks and acts like a much younger pup! My only regret is not giving him CBD sooner.

Pets may enjoy cannabidiol but, be sure to read the label. Not all carrier oils are safe for dogs. While safe for human consumption, grapeseed oil is known to cause renal failure in dogs. This oil is added to many CBD tinctures available on the market so please read the entire label before giving to your pet! Currently, Bean enjoys one drop of Sat-A-Vet oral tincture two times per day.

The oral tinctures are good for both cats and dogs and they come in different strengths. Younger dogs may not require a daily regimen like Bean. It is handy to have a bottle on hand to help soothe while traveling or during a thunderstorm.

Sat-A-Vet doesn’t only cater to cats, dogs, and the like, they also offer a full line of equine products. Equi-Pellets, designed for horses, are available in quantities up to 454 G and horses in the barrel racing segment, like Scooter, Loretta, and Bart, are seeing amazing results with these products.

Left to right: Pop the Top Henryetta (Loretta), PYCS Bout to Bust a Move (Bart), Ima Bad Motorscooter (Scooter)

While cannabidiol does help to calm nerves, the biggest advantage of CBD for equines (specifically barrel racers) is focus—and in a race, this could make or break a champion. Scooter has Moonblindness or Urevitis. CBD really helps with the inflammation in his eyes.

Scooter running cans

The best part is the results are fast! Like people, every horse is different, but results are usually seen about 30 minutes after administration.

Animals of all shapes and sizes are using cannabidiol to feel and move better. Hemp Mother says Ruderalis the Racoon love his CBD treats from Suzie’s! Rudy is still a baby and already can’t get enough hemp! Check out Hemp Mother’s recipes  to help incorporate hemp into your diet.

Rudy in a hemp field

Cannabidiol is an amazing, medicinal compound. It has many positive benefits that vary by individual. Share this with a friend (no matter how big or small) today!

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