Bubba Kush – Sparky’s Oklahoma Cultivar Review (SEE PHOTOS)

Cultivar: Bubba Kush
Taste like: Sweet and nutty
Bud Structure: Small soft popcorn buds
Scent: Earthy with hints of pine
Effect (for me): Heavy sedative, relaxing
Cultivator: Owasso Organics
Available at: Strange Leaf Dispensary

Bubba Kush is one of my go-to Indica’s for pain relief. Again as I’ve mentioned before genetics do different things for different growers. The presentation didn’t wow me, but the smell was on point and got stronger after being ground releasing the aromatics of this cultivar.

The taste was sweet and nutty complimenting my morning cup of coffee. You might be saying an indica for breakfast? Yes, this cultivar is great for pain relief and relaxation with its sedative effects. Too much of it in the morning will put you right back to sleep, making this a great medication for the evening.

Sparky Rating ~ 7.0 (*not very long-lived)


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