Branching Out

Oklahoma is experiencing a cannabis business boom, there’s no question about it. There are
thousands of dispensaries across the state, with the businesses popping up just about
anywhere there’s a vacant building in some towns. While there remains opposition to the
cannabis movement, it’s hard to deny the benefits of seeing these long-vacant, often run down
buildings get a breath of new, green life. One of those empty buildings sat right on Main Street
in Norman, unused until Vertica came along. Their doors officially opened in May 2019, and
while they’ve only been open for a short time, they’re making a big impression on patients,
including myself on my own trip to the store.

I’m a firm believer that any experience purchasing medical cannabis should be easy-going, yet
informational, and that’s exactly what Vertica offered me. The comfortable waiting area where I
registered as a new patient had pricing sheets ready for customers to see what products were
available, not that I had long to wait; right away, I was invited back by Ariah, who was
exceedingly patient and ready to walk me through what was on offer. Vertica happens to be one
of the first aquaponic cannabis grows in the state, and while flower wasn’t on my shopping list
for this particular trip, it was a pleasant surprise to see strains I’ve yet to try (Ruby Slipper, I’m
looking at you) available for a great price. Once I let Ariah know that I was on the hunt for a
cartridge, she walked me right to the counter I was looking for, and immediately began guiding
me towards my final purchase, a Bison Extracts Maui cartridge. It was evident that she, along
with the other staff members from what I could hear, was quite knowledgeable, and helped me
make a genuinely informed decision.

This focus on education is one of the things that truly sets Vertica apart. With each purchase, an
informational card is included in the bag, reminding patients of the legal purchase limits, what
they’ll need to have on them to purchase at a dispensary, even information about what’s illegal,
and tips on dosing your edibles. One of the biggest enemies of medical cannabis is a lack of
information, and in addition to providing high quality products and customer-focused service,
Vertica is striving to make a difference in sharing the knowledge. They plan to expand, with
stores planned for Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and Stillwater, and there’s no doubt their
efforts to educate and inform people about the benefits and regulations surrounding cannabis
use will continue to expand as well.

About the Author


Kayla Johnson is a medical cannabis and veteran caregiver advocate, and a contributor for Herbage Magazine and The Oklahoma Chronic. Johnson works to share the stories of the everyday patients and industry, and educate the public on real patients versus stigma.

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